Workout Classes YountvilleAre you tired of the same old workout classes around Yountville? Have you heard the buzz about cardio barre, a new kind of dance class that marries traditional ballet techniques with modern isometric muscle training? Come take a class at Barre Remix and see for yourself what has everyone so excited.

Barre classes are a great ballet alternative for anyone who wants to develop that long, leanly muscled ballerina-esque appearance. It builds on classical ballet techniques with cardio to stimulate fat burning and yoga-based stretches to elongate your muscles and enhance flexibility. You’ll work your arm, leg, and core muscles both with exercises designed to work your entire body and movements designed to home in on a particular muscle group.

While many dancers do use the classes as a ballet alternative, rest assured that you do not need to be a dancer to participate in barre remix classes and see impressive results. At Barre Remix, instructor Ericka conducts classes at several different levels of instruction, from BarreIntro for beginners and on up to intermediate and advanced workout classes that have her Yountville students getting toned, trim, and flexible.

Are you ready to come experience cardio barre for yourself? The open and airy studio where Ericka conducts her workout classes is located in St Helena, just a short drive away from Yountville. Each class is limited to nine students each, ensuring that you get the personalized attention you deserve. Schedule your first class online today!