Looking for exciting new workout classes in Napa? Ditch the machines and crowded classes and give Barre Remix a try. Ericka offers a fitness class unlike any other, drawing inspiration from her experience in dance and yoga. She can guide your body and mind, building a connection to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals. Classes blend the techniques of classical ballet with the stretching of Pilates and the mindfulness of yoga. Add in some cardio benefits and you’ve got the best group fitness class you’ve ever attended.

Young runner tying her shoes

With classes capped at nine clients, you’re sure to receive individual guidance and instruction to ensure perfect form. Routines are always different, keeping each class unique and new to keep even seasoned barre fitness enthusiasts captivated. Napa workout classes have never been so fresh and exciting. Even if you have no background in dance or group fitness, beginners are welcome. Barre classes are designed so every client can push themselves to their own individual edge safely. The only comparison you need to make is how much stronger and leaner you get with every class.

We Have a Variety of Workout Classes

IT is recommended to take two classes a week to maximize the benefits. Take a break from that overcrowded fitness class and give our studio a try. With a variety of workout classes in Napa to choose from you’ll find the best fit for you to give Barre Remix a try. Remember that classes sizes are kept small, so call early to reserve your space. Get ready to get fit and tone as you dance your way into fitness!