Finding effective and fun workout classes in Calistoga can be a workout in itself! Barre Remix offers a unique twist on cardio and yoga, combining the practices of both into one exciting group fitness class. Even if you’ve never taken a dance class, Ericka gives you everything you need to know for a successful barre class. Since each class is capped at nine, you’ll receive the attention you need to ensure proper form and technique and get the most out of every movement.

Transform your Body

By joining the cardio benefits of dance with the mindfulness of yoga, you can see drastic changes in mind and body. With just a few sessions a week, these Calistoga workout classes will transform your body into a stronger, leaner machine. A barre class will give you a fun and full body exercise session unlike anything you’ve tried before. As you learn and grow, you can continue to push your fitness edge, striving for more challenge with every goal met. The classes never get easier – you just get stronger!

Workout Classes

Each class is designed to fit both beginners and more advanced students, with every one unique so you never get tired of the same routine. When you’re ready to start a new practice as a yoga or pilates alternative, Ericka’s barre workout may be the perfect adventure! Register online for classes now or give Ericka a call to learn more about her different workout classes. Calistoga locals are loving her approach to flexibility, health, and fitness, and after one class, you’ll see why!