Mat Work St HelenaLooking for something a little more interesting than your typical mat work fitness class in Kenwood? Have you ever considered trying out cardio barre? At Ericka’s Barre Remix Studio, we offer the most innovative dance workout available today. Barre Remix works for all body types because we take a multifaceted approach to fitness. We nurture the mind-body connection through mindfulness principles adopted from yoga, isolate specific muscles through ballet dance techniques, and integrate the core with Pilates.

Our one hour group exercise classes are intensive and challenging, and you’ll see changes in your physique with only 2 classes a week. If you’re looking for extreme results, you’ve come to the right place! Try on 3 classes a week to gain the maximum benefits from our dance workout. Since we offer these classes to small and intimate groups of up to 9 students, you can expect to have all your questions, needs, or concerns tailored to. We like to keep our classes small for your benefit, and we mix it up constantly to encourage growth.

We also incorporate some mat work into our Kenwood classes, so come prepared with a mat and comfortable yoga attire. Prepare to sweat and shake, so bring a water bottle and a little bit of determination for best results!

Barre Remix Studio is open 6 days a week, and at only $20 a session for new clients, or $25 for returning clients, it’s quite a bargain for the results you’ll achieve. Getting started is easy. Simply drop-in to our studio during any class, or fill out our web form to guarantee your spot and schedule a session. We look forward to working out with you!