When your mat work in Calistoga has you ready to hit the floor, it’s time for something new. Barre Remix offers an innovative workout combining the best of ballet, yoga, and pilates. Instructor Ericka’s small group fitness classes give you an intimate learning environment and a fun new workout routine. With classes of no more than nine participants, you will be given the attention you need to ensure proper form and alignment.

Various Classes for your Needs and Ability

More exciting than the treadmill and more cardio than your current mat work may be providing, the Calistoga studio has a variety of classes to suit your needs and your ability. Barre workouts are a great way to find that mind-body connection you’ve been seeking, linking everything together to create a workout that satisfies your physical and even spiritual needs.

Improve your flexibility and strength with an alternative to standard pilates or yoga practices. Each one-hour exercise class is designed to fit both beginner and more advanced students, with plenty of opportunity to continue to push your body to its edge. Come in with an open mind, a yoga mat, and a water bottle and get ready for a transformative experience the minute you step up to the barre.

Mat Exercise

Get a leaner, stronger body with Ericka’s approach to small group exercise classes. She recommends two to three classes a week for the best results. With affordable drop-in rates and class size designed for the best in focus and assistance, you’ll never look at fitness the same way again. Join the other Calistoga locals who took a break from their typical mat work and gave barre workouts a chance.