Isometric Training YountvilleFor one of the most effective isometric training workouts in the Yountville area, come check out the classes at Barre Remix! Instructor Ericka offers small class sizes and individual attention, to help you isolate and work the correct muscle groups on your way to building long, lean muscle. At Barre Remix, Ericka combines classical ballet techniques with stretching and toning movements borrowed from yoga and pilates, creating a dance workout to help her students develop a lean, toned dancer’s physique.

The barre and cardio barre students do much of their work at the barre, of course: this gives a feeling of center and balance that allows you to focus more attention on working a specific muscle group. The focus is on isometric training in our Yountville-area studio, and these tiny muscle movements generate a big physical payoff, fatiguing your muscles in an entirely different way than you may be used to with traditional strength training. The barre is an ideal tool for students learning to develop better alignment along with correct technique. Its support is there to help you keep the correct posture while you continuously engage a specific muscle or muscle group. By the end of a workout class with Ericka, your muscles will be shaking – a sure sign of a good workout!

Class members start to see changes to their bodies with only two hour-long classes per week, and for the most extreme effect Ericka recommends three classes per week. She offers classes at a variety of times to help fit into your busy schedule. Give it a try to see how isometric training techniques are some of the best in the Yountville area. RSVP for a dance workout class through the online contact form today!