With intense isometric training, Napa fitness buffs can become leaner and stronger. Luckily, Barre Remix is ready to give you all of that and more! Our unique dance-based classes offer a cardio workout that stretches and tones your muscles. It’s a yoga and Pilates alternative that provides the mind body connection you love with a more advanced cardio workout. Pulling from the classical techniques of ballet, you’ll be able to isolate and focus on specific muscle targets in a way like never before.

Transform your Body

Barre classes are always fresh and exciting with new routines ever class. You’ll never get bored and the steps will never get stale. Isometric training can sometimes be one-dimensional and slow. Not true with our barre studio in Napa! With movement, stretching, and music, it won’t even feel like you’re getting an advanced cardio workout. More fun than you’ll ever have on a treadmill with better results – Barre Remix is ready to help you meet and exceed your fitness goals.

Girls in fitness class

Classes are kept small to ensure each participant gets individual attention to help with proper alignment and posture. You will feel comfortable and confident in our boutique-style setting. Ericka brings years of experience in dance and yoga, and loves to share the workouts she developed with all of her clients. With the recommended two classes a week, our Napa isometric training will deliver and maintain results that you’ll have to see to believe!

Give Barre Remix a call today to learn more or to reserve a spot in an upcoming class. Beginners are welcome and no ballet training is necessary to enjoy and benefit from the workouts.