Isometric Training St HelenaHave you been looking for an exercise class with a focus on isometric training in Kenwood? Perhaps you’ve heard about the revolutionary dance exercise called cardio barre, and want to reap the benefits of isolated muscle toning. Ericka’s Barre Remix Studio offers the best isometric training in Kenwood with an emphasis on the vital balance of the mind-body connection.

Our studio is open 6 days a week so we can accommodate nearly everyone who wants to participate. Each fitness class is approximately one hour long, giving ample time to work through each major muscle group and target the core. Barre Remix emphasizes small, isolated movements to target muscles to the point of exhaustion. This technique is born out of the classical ballet dance, which we jazz up a notch to include principles from yoga and Pilates. The overall result? Lean, toned, gorgeous muscles in as little as 2 sessions a week!

Not only can you expect amazing results in your physique with cardio barre, but mental benefits as well! Mindfulness practice teaches us to slow down and be in the present moment, quieting the mental chatter that so often leads us to anxiety and stress. Barre Remix is a mind-body exercise that targets the muscles, the mind, and the soul. It’s no wonder our clients just keep coming back for more!

If you think you could benefit from some intense and gratifying isometric training in Kenwood, drop-in to our studio during our next session. We only offer 9 spots for each class, so in order to guarantee your placement, we recommend scheduling with us online.