Wondering where you can find a fun and challenging exercise class with a focus on isometric training in Angwin CA? If you want to reap the benefits of isolated muscle toning, Ericka’s Barre Remix Studio offers a variety of intense yet gratifying isometric training classes that will revolutionize both your body and mind.

Barre Remix is an invigorating cardio workout born out of the methods of classical ballet dance and the principles of yoga and Pilates that uniquely incorporates the muscles, the mind, and the soul. Emphasizing small, isolated movements that target muscles to the point of exhaustion followed by focused stretching results in lean, toned, gorgeous muscles in as little as 2 sessions a week. Not only can you expect amazing, lifelong transformations in your body with cardio barre, but mental benefits as well. It’s the reason Ericka’s clients can’t seem to get enough of her amazing workouts! Of course, nothing rewarding comes easy. You’ll have to feel the burn!

Girls in fitness class

Each barre class is approximately one hour long, giving plenty of time to focus on every major muscle group and target the core. Unlike other barre studios, BarreRemix has an intimate nine client per class setting to help focus on safety and proper alignment. So if you’re new to this transformative cardio workout, don’t worry! Each client is observed and personally instructed based on where their “edge” is at. Ericka will make sure to give you her full attention in order to improve your experience. And she frequently mixes it up to keep all levels engaged. You’ll never do the same workout twice!

The studio is open 6 days a week, so if you want to experience some intense and gratifying isometric training near Angwin CA, drop-in to our studio during our next session. With options to choose from such as BarreIntro, BarreRamped, and BarreReloaded, there’s something for everyone. We have group fitness classes but if you’d prefer a one-on-one session where Ericka can cater fully to your needs, she schedules private lessons as well. Fill out the online contact form today to transform your body from the inside out!