Group Exercise Classes YountvilleThe group exercise classes Yountville residents have been buzzing about can be found right here at Barre Remix, the dance fitness studio located in nearby St Helena. Instructor Ericka specializes in cardio barre fitness classes, designed to help you slim down while building long, lean muscle to help you sculpt a dancer’s body. Not just a dance class, a Barre Remix class will also include mindfulness training and a focus on the mind-body connection, much like in yoga or pilates.

Group exercise classes have a lot of benefits, and Yountville residents have plenty of local choices. One of the things that sets these group fitness classes apart from others is the limited class size: with only nine participants per class, you can be sure that the instructor will have plenty of time to give individual attention while still reaping the benefits of working out in a group. Everyone knows that you’re more likely to stick to a fitness plan if you work out with a friend: why not start one of the classes together with your workout buddies? The online scheduling system makes it easy for everyone to reserve individual class spaces ahead of time.

What kind of workout will you get in one of our group fitness classes? Ericka teaches much of her work along the ballet barre: an ideal support tool for students as they develop better alignment and posture. She builds classical ballet movements into her workouts along with isometric muscle movements. As you move through your workout, Ericka also leads students in breathing and mental exercises designed to strengthen the mind-body connection and refresh the spirit. Over time, barre fitness classes will help enhance flexibility and improve balance while building a toned dancer physique. You’ll see results by attending only two classes per week, or attend three classes weekly for maximum toning.

When you’re ready to join the group exercise classes, get your Yountville area friends together and reserve your class spaces online.