Group Exercise Classes St HelenaIf you’re looking for the best group exercise classes in Kenwood, look no further than Ericka’s Barre Remix Studio. We combine the principles of yoga, Pilates, and classical ballet dance into an invigorating one hour group workout that targets the core, arms, seat, and legs. This unique class is typically called cardio barre – but we like to call our version Barre Remix, because it truly is an innovative take on cardio barre.

You might be wondering, how do our group exercise classes in Kenwood target so many muscles in just one hour? By focusing mainly on small, isolated movements, your muscles are targeted and strengthened, usually to the point of fatigue. Then, we engage in deep stretches for relief and flexibility, resulting in lean muscles.

Barre Remix Studio offers the best group workout, because we keep our class sizes small and intimate. By doing so, we’re able to focus on each individual and educate everyone on the proper form and technique. Our small community vibe ensures ongoing participation and a little extra motivation when you need it. We offer varying levels of intensity to keep all clients engaged and challenged, and with just 2 classes a week, you’ll soon begin to see the difference. Practitioners of cardio barre typically begin to see dramatic improvements in the definition and length of their muscles. For more extreme results, we recommend 3 classes a week – but be prepared to sweat and shake!

Getting started in our group exercise classes in Kenwood is simple. Just fill out our contact form, or drop-in to a session to begin your fitness transformation.