Exercise Classes YountvilleAre you bored with the same old basic exercise classes in and around Yountville and want to try something new? Why not try a barre class at Barre Remix and see what this exciting new fitness class is all about? Cardio barre is an innovative mix of yoga, isometric training, and classical ballet moves, and it’s an excellent way to get fit and develop lean muscle.

The barre workouts offered at Barre Remix could be just the thing if you want to shake up your fitness routine. An ordinary cardio workout might involve jumping up and down, kicking, punching, and more high-impact movements. Barre class, however, is low to no impact but still high energy. The instructor focuses on smooth movements and transitions from one position to the next, targeting muscles with small, isolated movements and placing emphasis on form and alignment. At each class level, the activities vary from class to class, so your body is challenged with each and every visit. For best results, instructor Ericka recommends two to three exercise classes per week at her Barre Remix studio, just up the road from Yountville in St Helena.

Most general fitness classes ignore the mind-body connection, but mental peace can be an important part of a whole, healthy body. Here at Barre Remix, Ericka incorporates the mindfulness of yoga into our classes with breathing routines, stretching, and exercises designed to calm your mind while energizing your body. Her classes foster health for the mind and soul as well as the body.

If you’re ready to give our classes a try, RSVP online to secure your space. Drop-ins are welcome, but each class is limited to only nine participants, so slots may fill quickly. Come experience for yourself the best exercise classes in the Yountville area!