Tired of the same old exercise classes in Calistoga? Try something new with Ericka at Barre Remix! As a pilates alternative, her dance workouts offer a fun and unique way to improve your body. With small class sizes and a dedicated instructor, you will learn proper alignment and form, even if you’ve never danced a day in your life. The spirit of our fitness classes is focused on the mind and body connection, making sure you push yourself to your edge and find success in every movement.

Try Something New

After a few sessions, you will begin to see improvement in your flexibility and strength. For the best results, three classes a week should have you seeing results fast. By joining the forces of cardio, the mindfulness of yoga, the stretching of pilates, and the fun of dance, you’ll see why so many Calistoga residents love these exercise classes.

Exercise Classes

There are several classes to choose from, including private one-on-one sessions, so you can find exactly the workout you’re looking for. Try something new and give Ericka’s approach to a pilates alternative a chance. After a few Barre classes and amazing results, you’ll be hooked!

With intimate classes and unique routines to keep all levels challenged, you may never look at fitness the same again. Come see what Barre Remix is all about and why it’s the newest sensation in exercise classes in Calistoga. Register online today for your first class, bring your mat, dress in comfortable workout attire and get ready to have some fun while improving your body and mind!