At the age of nine, Ericka took up classical ballet and jazz. It shaped her life forever as it has given her a deep appreciation for the mind body connection. At age 23, she followed her intuition to fulfill her spiritual journey that led her to Hawaii. She exchanged dance for her curiosity in the practice of yoga. For 6 years she lived the island life where she practiced yoga, acquired her sociology degree from the University of Hawaii, and her certification of aesthetics. With dance she was able to express a story through body movement, whereas with yoga, the focus was more about staying connection to the self.  With both practices, she over extended her already natural flexible body. She tried all the usual go to temporary fixes such as; acupuncture, deep tissue massage therapy, chiropractic techniques, and lifting weights. She retreated to physical therapy where finally the issues were addressed. She was advised that she needed small isolated movements to strengthen her under worked muscles to assist in all her over stretched out ligaments and overly tight joints.  Around this time after a yoga class, she was asked if she was an instructor, and was introduced to barre.  After researching everything she could find online about barre, her intuition led her to become trained in barre. Barre represented everything she desired to attain the most healthiest physical, emotional, and mental lifestyle.

She became so passionate about strengthening the body with this mind to muscle connection, that she designed her classes to be a  challenging journey where classes don’t get easier, you just get stronger. She is passionate about building a relationship with the body as a whole, both with strength and flexibility. “Both the muscles and joints of the body can be incredibly tight and have a hard time letting go….it is our responsibility to be patient and speak kind words to build trust, so that these areas can begin to let go and relax, resulting in a more powerful mind/body/heart connection.”  Ericka’s passion for barre would have been missed had her body  not gone through the pain she needed to recognize her higher calling. Her inspiration is to encourage others to commit to protecting their body from future injuries by maintaining strength, flexibility, and strong joints.