Barre Classes YountvilleIf you’ve been looking for intimate barre classes in the Yountville area guided by a skillful instructor, come visit Ericka at Barre Remix. Located nearby in St Helena, our bright and airy studio provides a peaceful atmosphere where we focus on the mind-body connection while working our muscle groups.

For many people, barre classes serve as a yoga substitute. The barre classes at Ericka’s Yountville-area studio help sculpt the long, lean muscles that yogis and ballerinas alike are known for. Dance exercise is a great way to enhance flexibility and improve balance while building core strength. Ericka incorporates classical ballet movements along with small isometric movements, targeting specific muscle groups to the point of exhaustion. You’ll see transformative results by attending only two classes per week, or attend three classes a week for maximum toning.

At Barre Remix, instructor Ericka leads several types of classes each week, so you’ll be able to find one that’s at your level. Class size is limited to only nine participants per session, so you’re sure to receive the individualized attention you deserve. Should you prefer a private workout, she also offers custom individual workouts tailored specifically to your fitness level.

Ericka’s barre classes give Yountville locals the chance to exercise their muscles, refresh their minds, and transform their bodies with effective dance exercise routines. If you’ve been feeling bored with the same old yoga or pilates classes, don’t be afraid to shake it up. Come see for yourself why everyone’s been talking about cardio barre workouts. Sign up using the online contact form to start your transformation today!