For the best in barre classes, Calistoga dance lovers love what Ericka offers at Barre Remix. A new approach to the mind body connection, she takes the principles of yoga, the cardiac workout of dance, and combines them into the best conditioning workout around. With a focus on flexibility, core strengthening, and proper alignment, your body can become stronger.

Have Fun While Improving your Body!

It can be a challenge to find an exercise class that you enjoy. By combining the classical techniques of dance with the mindfulness of yoga, you can have fun while improving your body! Even if you’ve never taken a dance class in your life, our Barre classes in Calistoga can be a challenge you’ll love to tackle. Each class is capped at nine participants so form and technique can be perfected with individual attention.


Nurturing your mind body connection will improve not only your body, but your life. Cardio barre will sculpt your body and make your arms, legs, and abs strong and lean. Linking your mind and body will create an awareness and allow you to target specific areas as you move and stretch, making a safe and effective workout.

If barre classes sound like what you’re looking for, give the studio near Calistoga a visit. With two to three classes a week, you will quickly start seeing results. Give Ericka a call or fill out the form on the website to register for a class today. Bring your mat, comfortable workout clothes and an open mind and get ready for a fun and transformative experience!