If you want your arms, thighs, backside, and abs transformed into strong, lean, sexy muscles, then make sure to try out the barre classes near Angwin at Ericka’s Barre Remix Studio. A word of caution, though: BarreRemix is not a get-fit-quick program by any means. Instead, it’s a lifelong mind-body connection regime that keeps you balanced and healthy from the inside out.

A one-hour ballet barre-based class that caters to nine clients per session, Ericka’s semi-private intimate environment allows the focus to be first and foremost on safety and proper alignment in order to improve each individual’s’ experience. Every client is closely observed and personally instructed based on their particular “edge” and comfort level. As the body gains strength and flexibility in a more physical therapeutic technique, clients are able to challenge themselves as they progress with each exercise class. The result is a leaner and toner you!


A great Pilates alternative, this truly unique combination of mind-body yoga techniques, classical dance, and isolated movements targets specific muscles to the point of fatigue, then to recover with deep stretches, which in turn allow them to become long and lean. By attending at least 2 barre classes near Angwin each week, we guarantee you will soon start seeing profound and lasting changes in your body. For more extreme results, we recommend 3 classes a week for maximum body boosting benefits—but be prepared to feel the burn big time!

From BarreIntro, BarreRamped, and BarreReloaded, there’s an ideal group fitness class for every level and interest. Ericka also schedules private one-on-one lessons where she can fully cater to your needs. To get started with barre classes near Angwin, simply fill out our contact form online, or drop-in to a session at the Barre Studio to begin your whole body transformation.