About BarreRemixUnlike other barre studios, BarreRemix is a semi-private boutique barre studio with the main focus being on safety and proper alignment. Each client is observed and instructed based on where their “edge” is at. As the body gains strength and flexibility in a more physical therapeutic technique, clients are able to challenge themselves to their to new “edge” with each class. As we know, nothing rewarding comes easy. BarreRemix is not a get skinny fast regime, it is however, a life long mind-body connection that keeps the body strong from the inside out. The idea is to be just as strong in the body as it is flexible. As a former dancer and yogini, I pushed my body past its limits, resulting in injury. I have transformed by body, correcting each issue through my BarreRemix technique. Remix: A transformation of building a relationship mindfully with the body, connecting from the inside out. It is about lovingly respecting the journey as the body transforms, and being grateful for the process.